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Office of the Illinois StateTreasurer Request for Proposals Legal Counsel for the Technology Development Fund Program November 19, 2004

 Issuing Agency:  Office of the Illinois Treasurer 0133
 Description:  The Illinois General Assembly enacted the Technology Development Act (30 ILCS 265/1 et seq.) to encourage technology development in the State of Illinois. The purpose of the Technology Development Act (Act) is to attract, assist, and retain quality technology businesses in Illinois. The Act permits the State Treasurer (Treasurer) to segregate a portion of the Treasurer's investment portfolio, that at no time shall be greater than 1% of the portfolio, in the Technology Development Account which shall be maintained separately from other moneys invested by the Treasurer. In order for the Treasurer to carry out her duties under the Act, the Treasurer is seeking a law firm(s) (Legal Counsel) to use their expertise to provide legal review and analysis in the development, implementation and administration of the Technology Development Fund Program (Program). The Legal Counsel will work with Northern Trust, the Investment Advisor for the Program, to negotiate Limited Partnership Agreements for the Program on behalf of the Treasurer and conduct any related legal work the Treasurer deems necessary. The Treasurer shall have full authority over, all rights to and final approval on all work performed on its behalf by the firm. Legal Counsel will be required to send invoices for payment to Northern Trust for processing. All proposals and services performed must be in accordance with the Act. 
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  Documents:  RFPLegalCounselforTech.Dev.FundProg.11-19-04.pdf