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Metal Bioaccumulation by Garden Vegetables Grown on Soil Derived from Peoria Lake Sediment

 Issuing Agency:  Illinois Waste Management and Research Center 0015
 Description:  This study was undertaken to determine whether use of recovered sediment as a growth media for garden vegetables promotes the bioaccumulation of undesirable elements in plant tissues. Five plant species, bean, broccoli, carrot, pepper, and tomato, were grown in pots containing either dewatered, aged sediment or a reference soil. Plant growth, development, and yield in the two soils were quantified. Edible and vegetative tissues from the plants were analyzed for 19 elements, including environmentally-important heavy metals and metalloids. Some plants grown in sediment showed a greater biomass and yield as compared to the Ag soil. Elemental analysis of the tissues revealed that only Zn and Mo were elements that were significantly greater in sediment-grown plants on a consistent basis. 
 Agency ID:  RR-109 
 ISL ID:  000000001336   Original UID: 1238 
  Documents:  20061212183606_RR-109.pdf