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Results of the 1998-1999 Illinois Waterfowl Hunter Survey

 Issuing Agency:  Illinois Natural History Survey 0128
 Description:  A random sample of 5,182 waterfowl hunters in Illinois was selected from migratory bird hunters registered for the 1998 federal Harvest Information Program (HIP). Hunters were mailed a self-administered, return mail questionnaire seeking information about hunting activities, harvest, and attitudes toward seasons for both duck and goose hunting. A total of 3,752 (72.4%) hunters responded, of which 2,264 purchased a 1998 Illinois Migratory Waterfowl stamp; 88.7% of these stamp purchasers hunted waterfowl in Illinois in 1998-99. During the 1998-99 season, 50,288 hunters took part in duck and/or goose hunting, spent 795,561 days afield, and harvested 471,072 birds. Duck hunters comprised 83% of the waterfowl hunting population, with 48% hunting ducks exclusively. Goose hunters made up 52% of the population, and 17% hunted geese only. A total of 10,307 hunters harvested 21,270 teal and spent 33,049 days afield. Duck hunters (n=41,755) spent 517,372 days afield and harvested an estimated 386,862 ducks. During the early September Canada goose season an estimated 11,981 hunters hunted 37,322 days and harvested 7,852 geese. During the regular Canada goose season 26,343 hunters spent 202,676 days afield and harvested 43,222 Canada geese. Adult hunters (n=3,343) took 5,142 youths afield during Youth Waterfowl Hunting Day. Hunters in all zones favored the early September Canada goose season. Hunters in the North and Central Zones favored extending statewide the telephone system for monitoring Canada goose harvest, whereas hunters in the South Zone favored leaving the system as it was at the time of the survey. North Zone hunters preferred 11 days for the first segment of the regular goose season, with a 14-day closed interval prior to the second season and a 21 day second season with no days for the second closed period. No opinion was the most frequent response for the second closed period. Central Zone hunters reported No opinion as their most frequent response to the same items. Hunters in the South Zone favored retaining the current (at the time of the survey) opening dates, and most hunters in the North and Central Zones had no opinion. Hunters 2 in all zones favored shorter seasons with higher bag limits over longer seasons with lower bag limits. Hunters preferred September 11 as the opening date for September teal season and Thursday opener/Sunday closure for duck season. Hunters favored dates for 1998 duck season to be used again for the 1999 season. 
 Agency ID:  HR-98-01 
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