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Results of the 2001 Illinois Light Goose Conservation Action Hunter Survey

 Volume/Number:  2001  
 Issuing Agency:  Illinois Natural History Survey 0128
 Description:  Harvest of light geese during the 2001 conservation action was estimated at 36,830 geese, an increase over the 2000 harvest of 7,612. Participation increased to 4,665 hunters during 2001 compared to 865 hunters during 2000. Hunters spent an estimated 32,634 days afield during 2001, an increase of 4.9 times over the 6,643 days hunted during 2000. Hunting hour after sunset was the method used most often (63%); however unplugged shotguns and electronic calls were also used by approximately 50% of hunters (48% and 51%, respectively). As with hunters responding to the 2000 survey, hunters who did not participate in the conservation action reported no geese in the area and no place to hunt as the two main reasons they did not hunt light geese. 
 Agency ID:  HR-01-05 
 ISL ID:  000000001284   Original UID: 1230 
  Documents:  20061207190249_SnowGooseresults2001.pdf