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Total Cost of Ownership For Metalworking Fluids

 Issuing Agency:  Illinois Waste Management and Research Center 0015
 Description:  Metalworking fluids have a greater financial impact on a company than the purchase price alone. This is often called the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and has two components hidden costs and performance leverage - in addition to the fluid purchase price. Hidden costs arise from the fact that fluids must be managed, from purchasing and receiving, to plant floor clean-up, to waste treatment and disposal. Performance leverage results from fluids effects on process performance, from machine tool life to product scrap and rework. In this study, three plants using metalworking fluids were examined for fluid TCO. The techniques used in this study provide a relatively quick and inexpensive method for companies to estimate the TCO and performance leverage for their own metalworking fluids. 
 Agency ID:  RR-105 
 ISL ID:  000000000103   Original UID: 124 
  Documents:  20060620192523_RR-105.pdf