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Voter Petitions for Term Limits in Illinois: A Conflict Between Popular Desire and Constitutional Constraints

 Volume/Number:  2014 April 7 
 Issuing Agency:  Paul Simon Public Policy Institute 0000
 Description:  The question of whether a legislator should have his or her years of service capped by term limits is an issue that demands attention because of significant voter support in Illinois. Legislative term limits have long been a popular response to perceived corruption or inaction in politics. Almost eight in ten [voters] (78.7 percent) favor, and more than half [of voters] (54.0 percent) strongly favor term limits.1 However, since term limits are not currently incorporated into any article of The Constitution of the State of Illinois of 1970 (hereinafter Illinois Constitution), those supporting term limits must amend the constitution to include them. This task is easier said than done. 
 Agency ID:  Paper # 36 
 ISL ID:  000000054675   Original UID: 176086 
  Documents:  psppi-simon-review-36.pdf