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Villa Park Police Station Urban BMP Demonstration Project: A Project to Demonstrate Integration of Green Roof, Permeable Paving, and Bioswale Urban Runoff Systems

 Volume/Number:  2005 July 19 
 Issuing Agency:  Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Water 0174
 Description:  Villa Park is in the Salt Creek watershed (WSID ILGL09) along segment GL09. This segment of the Creek is rated as partial support for overall use and aquatic life and nonsupport for swimming according to the 2000 Illinois Water Quality Report. The impairments are reported to be caused by priority organics, PCBs, excess nutrients including phosphorus, nitrogen and nitrates, salinity/TDS/chlorides, flow alteration, and excessive algal growth/chlorophyll a. The sources of pollutants are listed as municipal point sources including combined sewer overflows, collection system failures, urban runoff/storm-sewers, hydrologic/habitat modifications, upstream impoundment, flow regulation and modification, and contaminated sediments. Many of the causes and sources listed above are related to urban runoff, which is largely unregulated at this time. Thus, implementing and providing examples of best management practices to cleanse and reduce volumes of urban stormwater runoff is greatly needed in this largely built out watershed. 
 Agency ID:  Financial Assistance Number 3190310 
 ISL ID:  000000041179   Original UID: 21134 
  Documents:  20120403210820_villa-park-police-station-urban-bmp-demo-project.pdf