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Friends And Neighbors Government: Partisanship In County Government In Illinois 1975-2010

 Volume/Number:  2011 August 
 Issuing Agency:  Paul Simon Public Policy Institute 0000
 Description:  This paper documents the partisanship of the elected county officials throughout Illinois for two different periods. The baseline chosen is 1975-1976 and the latest data are taken from 2009-2010. 
 Agency ID:  Paper # 26 
 ISL ID:  000000054665   Original UID: 176076 
  Documents:  simonreview26.pdf


From Slavery to Freedom: The Life of Alexander Lane, Educator, Physician and Illinois State Legislator, 1860-1911

 Volume/Number:  2012 February 
 Issuing Agency:  Paul Simon Public Policy Institute 0000
 Description:  The life of Alexander Lane is an inspiring tale of a man who rose from life as the son of a slave in the post-Civil War South to become a leading Chicago physician and Illinois state legislator. 
 Agency ID:  Paper # 29 
 ISL ID:  000000054668   Original UID: 176079 
  Documents:  simonreviewlane.pdf