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Facts About Boilers

 Volume/Number:  2000 February 
 Issuing Agency:  Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Air 0174
 Description:  This fact sheet gives basic information regarding permits for boilers. 
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 ISL ID:  000000040210   Original UID: 20430 
  Documents:  20120224190152_boilerweb.pdf


Features and Benefits of the Vehicle Emissions Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) Program

 Volume/Number:  2003 September 
 Issuing Agency:  Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Air 0174
 Description:  Air quality in Illinois has improved substantially since 1970 when Congress first passed the Clean Air Act, but air pollution remains a problem. In 1986, Illinois began the vehicle inspection and maintenance (I/M) program in Northeastern Illinois and Metro-East St. Louis to reduce air pollution and help these regions meet federal air quality standards. The I/M program identifies vehicles that need repairs due to malfunctions or poor maintenance which contribute to high emissions rates. Such repairs not only reduce air pollution, they often improve vehicle performance and fuel economy as well. 
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 ISL ID:  000000041349   Original UID: 21197 
  Documents:  20120405192254_vim-factsheet.pdf


Final Report, Chicago O'Hare Airport Air Toxic Monitoring Program: June - December, 2000

 Issuing Agency:  Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Air 0174
 Description:  OHare International Airport (OHare) is one of the worlds busiest airports and the subject of much interest regarding the environmental impact airport operations have on the surrounding community and the Chicago area in general. As part of its fiscal year 2001 air monitoring program, the Illinois EPA measured the airborne levels of various air contaminants in the vicinity of OHare as well as at other locations in the Chicago area. The purpose of this measurement program was to collect information that would help assess the relative impact of airport related emissions and levels of airborne contaminants characteristic of large urban areas. This monitoring program will supplement a national program designed to assess and minimize the impact of toxic air contaminants in urban areas. The national program is referred to as the National Integrated Urban Air Toxics Strategy (National Strategy). 
 Agency ID:   
 ISL ID:  000000040168   Original UID: 20409 
  Documents:  20120223201153_ohare-toxic-report.pdf


Fleet Self-Testing Program

 Volume/Number:  2008 September 
 Issuing Agency:  Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Air 0174
 Description:  This brochure provides details on the Illinois Fleet Self-Testing Program. 
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 ISL ID:  000000042652   Original UID: 22179 
  Documents:  fleet-brochure.pdf


Fleets Self-Testing Guidance Document: revision 1

 Volume/Number:  2008 August 
 Issuing Agency:  Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Air 0174
 Description:  Owners and operators of fleets with 15 or more vehicles that are subject to emissions testing requirements can apply to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (Agency) for a permit to establish and operate a private official inspection station for the limited purpose of selftesting their fleet of vehicles. Selftesting must be conducted in conformance with applicable federal and state vehicle emissions testing rules and meet all quality assurance and quality control requirements. 
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 ISL ID:  000000042653   Original UID: 22180 
  Documents:  fleet-guidance.pdf


Fossil Fuel-Fired Power Plants: Report to the House and Senate Environment and Energy Committees

 Volume/Number:  2004 September 
 Issuing Agency:  Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Air 0174
 Description:  The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (Illinois EPA) was asked by the Illinois General Assembly to examine whether the State should address further potential restrictions on power plant pollution. This request was made under Section 9.10 of the Environmental Protection Act (Act). This is a report of the Illinois EPAs findings. 
 Agency ID:  IEPA/BOA/04-020 
 ISL ID:  000000042600   Original UID: 22121 
  Documents:  section-910-report.pdf