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Families and Reentry: Unpacking How Social Support Matters

 Volume/Number:  2012  
 Issuing Agency:  Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority 0298
 Description:  Using qualitative and quantitative data from approximately 180 formerly incarcerated persons, their family members, and case managers, the goal of the research study was to add to the literature on whether and how family and social support networks are vehicles for practitioners and policymakers to reduce recidivism and lead to better reintegration outcomes. 
 Agency ID:   
 ISL ID:  000000046906   Original UID: 24916 
  Documents:  SaferReturnReport_June_2012.pdf


Female Delinquents Committed to the Illinois Department of Corrections: A Profile

 Issuing Agency:  Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority 0032
 Description:  The purpose of this report is to provide information to practitioners, policymakers, and correctional administrators on the particular needs of female delinquents committed to the Illinois Department of Corrections. This project also provides information on the experiences of practitioners working with female delinquents. 
 Agency ID:   
 ISL ID:  000000003706   Original UID: 3551 
  Documents:  20070830152923_FemaleDel_IDOC.pdf