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Applicability of Microfiltration for Recycling Semi-Synthetic Metalworking Fluids

 Volume/Number:  2007 December 
 Issuing Agency:  Illinois Waste Management and Research Center 0015
 Description:  This research seeks to investigate the applicability of microfiltration technology by investigating the membrane fouling mechanisms at work in the system. It also aims to reduce fouling through adjustment of operating parameters and the design of a new semi-synthetic MWF that significantly reduces the impact of membrane fouling. 
 Agency ID:  RR-111 
 ISL ID:  000000006262   Original UID: 4553 
  Documents:  20080102183611_RR-111.pdf


Arsenic Geochemistry and Distribution in the Mahomet Aquifer, Illinois

 Issuing Agency:  Illinois Waste Management and Research Center 0015
 Description:  Groundwater samples were collected from approximately 50 private wells in Tazewell County, an area where arsenic contamination is known from previous sampling, and northwest Champaign County, an area for which very few arsenic data were available. Most of the wells were finished in the Mahomet Aquifer, with roughly equal numbers of wells near the bottom, middle, and upper part of the aquifer. A few of the wells were finished in the Glasford Aquifer, which lies above the Mahomet. A reliable, robust method for arsenic speciation was developed based on separation of species by HPLC and ICP-MS detection. The samples were analyzed for total arsenic, arsenic species, metals, anions, alkalinity, ammonium, and total organic carbon. Samples of raw groundwater and finished potable water were collected from 11 municipal water treatment plants that withdraw water from the Mahomet Aquifer. 
 Agency ID:  RR-107 
 ISL ID:  000000000088   Original UID: 109 
  Documents:  20060619220013_RR-107.pdf