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Annual Report Of The Illinois Courts Statistical Summary[X]


Annual Report Of The Illinois Courts Statistical Summary

 Volume/Number:  2002  
 Issuing Agency:  Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts 0132
 Description:  Annual Report of The Illinois Courts Statistical Summary 2002 Content: Title Page, Acknowledgments, Contents, CIRCUIT COURTS OF ILLINOIS; Map of Judicial Circuits of Illinois, Directory of Circuit Clerks of Illinois, Graphical Presentation of Five-Year Trends - - Total Caseload and Selected Case Categories, Definition of Case Categories, Caseload and Statistical Records, Caseload Summaries by Circuit, Case Filing Ratio: Judge/Population, Civil Caseload Statistics by County, Criminal, Traffic, Conservation and Ordinance Caseload Statistics by County , Juvenile Caseload Statistics by County, Age of Pending Cases by Case Category (Downstate Circuits), Law Case Dispositions by Circuit, Law Case Dispositions by County, Time Lapse: Case Filing to Date of Verdict (Law Jury Verdicts Over $50,000), Felony Dispositions and Sentences by County, Disbursement by Circuit Clerks and Cost of Operating Circuit Clerks' Offices, Circuit Clerk Fees and Other Revenue by County, Circuit Clerk Cost of Operating by County, Circuit Clerk Disbursement of Funds by County Fines, Penalties, Assessments, and Forfeitures, Fees of Others, Miscellaneous; Disbursements, Graphical Presentation of Five-Year Trends - - Adult and Juvenile; Probation,Adult and Juvenile Probation, Abbreviations,Active Adult Caseload, Adult Investigation Report, Adult Probation - Programs; Ordered, Active Juvenile Caseloads, Juvenile Investigation Report, Juvenile Court Activity Petitions Continued Under Supervision, Adjudications Placements 
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